Only the Russian lie is true

There was a documentary broadcasted on Finnish television a couple of weeks ago. The documentary examined how history is perceived in Russia, the Baltic countries and Ukraine. One Moscow politician, Sergei Markov put it very blunt basically saying: we want to spread the Russian version to Europe and primarily the Baltic states and Ukraine.
Infact, he said there will be war if Europeans do not accept the Russian version.

What is the Russian version then? Very much the Soviet version. Unfortunately. Every country with selfrespect have dealt with their past. For instance South Africa had a truth comission, Australia is increasingly admitting crimes comitted against its Aborigines, Germany have dealt with its nazi past. In Finland the Continuation war and the Civil war is always up for discussion.

But official Russia 2009 closes its eyes to the crimes comitted against humanity. There have even been a rally to defend genocide and even honour Stalin by saying it was necessary to build a strong Russia (20 million dead in WW2 and another 20 million by terror). In Russia they stage parades were warcriminals that raped, killed civilians and children march as “heroes”. In the program good old Soviet partisans accused people, Ukrainian partisans that only fought for the survival of families and independence, for being fascists.
The truth is that Russia have passed a law making it illegal to speak too truthfully about Soviet warcrimes.
There is even a comission working with printing the official Russian version in various languages to be spread in the Baltic states and Ukraine. This comission engages in history revision systematically and is backed by the government.
It is a good reason to be sceptical about Russia and admit that it is the single state that still poses a threat to a number of nations in Europe.

A country which have not dealt with it’s past does not have a future.

A country which still subscribes to lies and cultivates myths will invent new myths and lies.

A country which have not acknowledged it’s responsibilty in causing previous wars, occupation and exploitation of other countries will inevitably cause new wars, occupations and exploitations.

A country which still recruits it top political elite who are from the ranks of those or who are being indoctrined by those who served the previous corrupt and criminal state remains a corrupt and criminal state.

To freely cite Anna Politkovskaya; Russia acts like a mafia led police state. Russia have never dealt with the people responsible for comitting crimes against it’s own people too. Very few people have ever been made responsible for the communist terror which I think is a sign of having little intrest in becoming a normal state where transparency and responsibility is the core of all official work.
Instead – close your eyes people! And let the trans-Siberian train speed ahead to new troubles. The staff is the same.


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