About Mundane Man

I’m your average guy. A real mundane type, I get up, eat breakfast, go to work. I work but, I really wish that I was intoxicated by euphoria, love and a moderate amount of alcohol on a cool beach resort. Then I come home, fix dinner and go to sleep. Oh yeah, I do use the net  and occasionally I participate in forum discussions.

I read books too. Well, sometimes. I read newspaper and Internet articles too.  And, here’s what drove me to create a blog:

The least I can ask from people who should be wiser than me and have managed degrees which entitles them to call themselves academics, researchers, historians, scholars, professors, doctorands or journalists,  that publish their work in the form of articles and books, is that they have done their homework properly. If I was driven enough to get my writings published I would demand from myself to go pretty far in finding the truth. I have some kind of a “higher” education but not of the sort which would qualify me as an intellectual but, I do know the importance of analytical thinking and reference to sources that are qualified. If I wrote a book about history or culture I would make sure to discard politically motivated sources and  put different versions against each other in order to try and work out the bigger picture as close to the truth it can be. I detest simplifications (ok, I do it too sometimes but, it’s only for personal pleasure…) and quick convenient conclusions if they aim to confirm a stereotype or a lie. I think it’s specially despicable when they are covered in a smokescreen of pompuous and selfrighteous wordings like “I think people have the right to know…” and “I only want to create a debate”.

Well, fuck you scholar! It is not ok to molest the truth when the aim is set at getting media attention.

My blog does not try to take any credit for telling the truth, I’m far from being smart enough to know the entire truth but I’m not , neither are most other people, simple enough to swallow the weak research done by smartarses who think they are doing anyone a favour for aiding to rape historical and cultural facts.

My biggest fault maybe that I’m ethnocentric. I focus on Finland because that where my ancestry is from and that’s where I live. And Finland and Finns somehow also seems to be a thankful target maybe because of general poor knowledge or because it is the little country squezed in between more affluent Sweden and mighty Russia, both countries inhabited by people not with the world best selfesteem, but makes it up with plenty of selfrighteousness and chauvinism. And many the of stereotypes and inaccuaracies comes from these two neighbours.

“Hmmm, we are not as culturally refined as the French, Germans and Italians, but we can always leash out on the Finns!”


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